Mother of Bride/Groom

At Maison Ariane Carle, wedding dress creating is an integral part of our catalog.

Mère de marié(e)

Over the years, the Maison Ariane Carle’s specialty has come to the forefront and has undoubtedly become the tailor-made dresses for the bride’s/groom’s mother.

Your child’s wedding is a unique event, a very meaningful moment in your mom-life. One of the rare banners in Montreal, Quebec and even Canada to offer this specialization, the Maison Ariane Carle accompanies and respectfully advises you throughout the process of selecting an outfit that will be elegant, refined and comfortable all at once, according to the type of marriage planned.

The selection of a bride or groom’s mother’s dress – just like that of a wedding dress – can be an arduous experience. The designer Ariane Carle and her team specializes in the field that makes this experience simple, pleasant and most satisfying thanks to their many years of expertise.

In order to perfectly accompany your outfit as a groom or bride’s mother, it will be our pleasure, if you wish, to equally create a bow tie for the person who will accompany you. Crafted from the same fabrics used to create your dress or ensemble, the two of you will form a perfectly harmonious couple!

Again, once your bride or groom’s dress is taken care of, we can advise you if necessary, on jewelry, accessories and shoes to wear with your outfit.

The selection and design of a dress for the mother of the bride or groom at Maison Ariane Carle is an exceptional adventure in a world of luxury, of refinement and of mutual respect.

No matter your size or your body shape, whether you are of a discrete or eccentric personality, you will find an outfit that reflects your taste at Maison Ariane Carle.

On the day of your child’s wedding, your attention will only be directed on who matters, you will have peace of mind and you will feel beautiful, comfortable and elegant!