Wedding Dress

At Maison Ariane Carle, wedding dress creation is an integral part of our catalog.

Robe de mariée

Looking for your wedding dress can become quite an adventure!

Often enough, the market supply doesn’t correspond to our aspirations.

At Maison Ariane Carle, the designer along with her team are sensitive to your expectations thanks to their many years of expertise in the field, and want to make you live a positive and enjoyable experience – seeing as each wedding is unique and requires an individual attention.

The creation of your wedding dress will be a collaborative work, between you and our team, who will be the most attentive and professional when taking into consideration even the smallest of details.

What a pleasure it is to see our future brides of all ages parade in front of our mirror, a look of satisfaction and assurance spread across their face!

From their experience, Maison Ariane Carle will offer you a wedding dress that suits your tastes as well as your budget.

Whether for a small wedding, a civil wedding, a second wedding or a grand ceremony, Ms. Carle and her qualified staff will meet your expectations in a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation, complicity and elegance.

During your final fitting, if you wish, it will be possible for you and your friends to crack open a bottle of champagne! We supply the flutes!

It will also be our pleasure, once your wedding dress is taken care, to advise you on the jewelry, accessories and shoes to wear in order to fully complete your wedding dress.

Styling is our passion and you will step out of our doors satisfied with your experience, feeling confident and beautiful!

All that is left is fully living your wedding and taking in its sweet moments of happiness…