At Maison Ariane Carle, wedding dress creation is an integral part of our catalog.

Fille d'honneur

The maid of honor dresses are in the spotlight at Maison Ariane Carle!

In addition to creating wedding dresses, mother of the bride/groom as well as flower girl dresses, Maison Ariane Carle equally offers selection of tailor-made designs and ready-to-wear maid of honour dresses.

Crafted with great care for harmony, the maid of honour dress will add refinement and uniqueness to your procession.

Once again, in keeping with your vision and budget, Maison Ariane Carle will ensure that your wedding resembles a magnificent painting of elegance – reflecting your taste and creativity. Whether you have one, two or four bride’s maids, whether of different sizes or different dress styles, we will make sure each of them feel in tune with their style, their silhouette and their personality all while respecting the bigger picture.

The silks, organzas, chiffons, satins and other materials amalgamate, under the watchful eye of our experts.

A soft uniformity emanates from your album of memories, where each individual is respected all while blending into that said magnificent painting.